Reverse Crunch Twist

The Reverse Crunch Twist is a good way to focus on the lower Internal Obliques. You will be following their direction of pull during this exercise. Place hands behind your head or at your sides if that feels more comfortable. Twisting as you begin rolling your hips back over the AbMat™ performs the exercise. Do not use your legs to throw you back over the mat. Keep in mind you are lifting the entire weight of your legs and hips with the lower section of your abdominals. This may be difficult at first. You may want to start with the Decline Reverse Crunch Twist.

*This movement can be performed by fully contracting the abdominal muscles and rolling all the way up, or by simply doing the lower section of the movement, focusing on the lower Internal Obliques 2-4 inch movement.

Figure #1

Figure #2

Figure #3

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