Decline Reverse Crunch Twist

The focus of the Decline Reverse Crunch Twist is the lower section of the Internal Obliques. Take another look at the direction of pull of these muscles. The problem with doing Reverse Crunches Twist is that you must lift the entire weight of your legs and hips with the little used lower section of the abdominals, while focusing on twisting. The Decline Reverse Crunch Twist is perfect for this. Here we let the angle of the incline board help with overcoming the weight of the hips and legs. This exercise is also used to do high repetitions.

Start with your head facing down the decline and the AbMat™ under your low back. Hold on to the sides of the board and roll your hips toward the chest.

*This movement can be performed by fully contracting the abdominal muscles and rolling all the way up, or by simply doing the lower section of the movement, focusing on the lower 2-4 inch movement.

Figure #1

Figure #2

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