Incline Sit-Up

When you first begin to use the AbMat™ keep in mind your body has never been subject to a full range sit-up before. You will have developed strong and weak points through the range of motion. The strong point will be in the range you usually did crunches in and the weak points will be at the beginning and end of the sit-up. Rather than cheat through these points we suggest you try the Decline Sit-up. The AbMat™ exercises are like any other resistance exercises, unfortunately the starting point, which is body weight sometimes is too heavy. Using a decline board can help that. You will find using the Decline Sit-up is also good for do high repetitions also. Note: If you find yourself sliding down the board, just position yourself near the bottom of the board and put your feet on the ground next to the board.

Figure #1

Figure #2

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